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Megan Bright and Jackson Dawes are two teenagers who first meet each other on the hospital ward where they are both ...
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Nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2014.
Shortlisted for the Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2014.
Longlisted for United Kingdom Literary Association Award 2014

Celia Bryce


Celia is also a singer/songwriter.

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Wednesday 19th July 2017


Just a little extra note to say that I've been recording some King Crimson songs for a project with South West German broadcasting station, SWR2.  These things! So, how, you might ask did I get that gig? The answer is - it’s all down to Anthem for Jackson Dawes, its German translator, Bettina Obrecht and her musician husband, Werner.  The programme’s due out in October, date to be confirmed. That’s all I know for now, folks.  Updates nearer the time. Crikey, October’s going to be a busy month!

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Wednesday, 10th August 2016

I know, folks. Over six months. Don't fuss. I'm a busy person. Piles of stuff to do. Mind you, I seem to have been very, very busy and with little to show for it in many ways. For example, my writing room still looks like a  hurricane slipped under the door without knocking. I may have mentioned the state of play years back when I first started this sporadic Blog. In other ways, though, being busy has produced some new songs, which I've gigged and which people seemed to have liked. So not all bad. Written lots of stories, too, sold them and had them published. Edited lots of novel pages. What's a pile of stuff in a corner? OK. So there aren't so many corners in a room so things tend to spill over into other, less angular places such as the middle of the floor, or under other heaps, or on top of other composting stacks. I just step over what I can, like a bloke does (rather refreshing actually) or  hide them with another mound of paper. Hamster like.  Easy-peasy. And it's called being creative. So I'm allowed. And so to the Olympics, the annual accounts (more hills of litter) and a recent song writing experience with the wonderful Gretchen Peters. Some things are put there in front of you and you Just Have To. Full stop. Rather like Wimbledon. You Just Have To. I've noticed leaves falling. Has anyone else? Do you think that's why August and Autumn share some of the same letters? Something to ponder. I've been given an amazing new computer screen. It's the size of a small wall. Great for hiding piles of stuff behind. Which is where I'll leave it for now and possibly for ever, Amen.

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Celia Bryce @celiabryce05 Sep
Fancy writing poetry to celebrate 1st birthday of The Word, South Shields? If so, join me Thursday afternoon 2-4. Prebooking might be good.

Celia Bryce @celiabryce16 Aug
Feel like I've losing friends. Almost 20 years of writing for Women's Weekly and the fiction team, who knows me so well, is goingđŸ˜ª.

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